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The Branded Queen

The Branded Queen led the Demon invasion on the Centennial Summit. She is currently in possession of Valindra Shadowmantle's phylactery, which she damaged beyond repair during the attack. It is clear that she is in search of something and has traveled the planes to retrieve it alongside Zoldrak, the Patriarch of the Gray Dragons. In addition to copious demons, she commands the unique Blood Dragonflight. While clearly Evil, it is unknown rather she is a Demon or Devil (or perhaps both). Despite a courageous offensive, she was able to successfully knock Ferris and Valindra Shadowmantle in the skirmish.

Offensive Capabilities[edit]

The Branded Queen is a formidable foe, commanding a detachment of Blood and Gray Dragons. During the attack on the Centennial Summit, Jin Rao found it difficult Counterspell several of her more advanced spells, indicating that she is a powerful Spellcaster capable of casting spells in excess of 5th level. Although she sports formidable Spellcasting capabilities, The Branded Queen appears to be a combatant favoring the usage of Javelins and Spears. Utilizing the sharp briar-like thorns that sprout from her back, she is able to produce infernal spears without the need to recover them from the battlefield. When Volcania Heartfire knocked her from atop her dragon in Session 3, she was able to cushion her fall using the thorns.

Defensive Capabilities[edit]

During Session 3, Jin Rao and Umbra Swiftblade defeated her utilizing a combination of lightning and cold attacks. Jin Rao and Ferris determined that she is resistant to acid damage and immune to poison damage. In an act of desperation, Jin Rao was able to repel her in a last-ditch discovery of her vulnerability to cold/frost damage.