Sigrid Yveltsken

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Sigrid, After the Centennial Summit

Sigrid Yveltsken is a Nar Human warrior of 32 years from the Narfell region. During Thay's Northern Expansion in the 1480s DR, the Narfell region fell to Theskan slavers. Forced to fall back on their nomadic heritage, the citizens of the Town Peltarch led a guerrilla defense on The Long Road culminating in the retreat of 20,000 villagers across the Giantspire Mountains. When the Death Curse took hold in 1492 DR resulting in a spike in the Frost Giant population of the region. Thesk withdrew from the region when the casualties from Frost Giant ambushes and the Death Curse grew too high. During their withdrawal, Thesk and Thay-sponsored Adventurers enslaved the remaining tribes and sold them in the markets of Bezantur and Eltabbar following the end of the Thayan Resurrection

Murder at the Summit[edit]

During The Centennial Summit the Party discovered Sigrid, a slain Thayan Slaver and Blood Orc. Jin Rao urged the party to aid Sigrid when she informed him that Theskan raiders had pillaged the lands north of Rasheman. Eager to learn more information about current events surrounding his home village Nathoud, Jin encouraged Sigrid to flee to a nearby village. The party assisted in concealing the details of the crime while Sigrid buried the two corpses in a nearby shallow grave on the edge of the forest. This act ultimately saved her life.