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Welcome to Crimson Skies

The lore compendium for the 5th Edition D&D Campaign


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Player Information

The wiki serves as a compendium of all player knowledge gathered in the campaign thus far and is an extension of Roll20's Journal Feature. Any information listed on the wiki is considered common knowledge or has been discovered by the party during their adventures. Further information and hidden wiki entries may be discovered through the use of investigation, knowledge checks, or throughout your travels.


Welcome to Crimson Skies, a Campaign Wiki dedicated to the lore of GM Liz's heavily modified Forgotten Realms setting set in the late 15th century DR. Crimson Skies takes place following the end of Wizard of the Coast's Tomb of Annihilation published adventure.

The wiki is hosted and administrated by GMLiz, although her time is limited and he cannot monitor it non-stop. If an issue has arisen which you believe needs immediate attention (a prominent example would be if the site has gone down or is extremely sluggish, as it may be some time before he notices, or someone has uploaded illegal material to the server) then he can be reached by emailing GMLiz [at] crimsonskiesrpg [dot] com.